Hafez International Trading Inc. was established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2001 as a wholesaler and distributor of Mediterranean and Specialty foods. Hafez Inc. is the exclusive agent for distribution of various goods such as Pars Khazar cookware, Kamy Kashk and Herbal water, Tiar dehydrated vegetable, Dome Dome snacks, Fafa fruit bar, Hafez canned food and many more!
Hafez Inc, is an experienced importer and supplier of healthy food and snacks throughout North America.
We provide an exciting selection of fruit bars, processed fruit, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables. We make sure to provide the consumer with the greatest variety and the best quality of healthy foods and snacks.


Hafez Inc. specializes in importing specialty food products aWe take pride in providing customers with consistent quality in products and superior service. We are continually looking for ways to further improve our products and the service we offer our customers.

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